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Members belonging to the Baltimore Unit Unit

Name Member Since Role
,     Area Family Ministry Servants 
,     Area Family Ministry Servants 
,     Area Family Ministry Servants 
Abad, Jolly  4/30/2010  Household Servant 
Abad, D'Gee    Household Servant 
Abangan, Bernie  4/30/2010  Member 
Abangan, Roger    Member 
Almayda, Juliet  4/30/2010  Member 
Almayda, Tony  4/30/2010  Member 
Cajolo, Dilla    Member 
Cajolo, Gil    Member 
Caparros, Cette    Member 
Caparros, Ronnie    Member 
Carino, Ben  4/30/2010  Unit Servant 
Carino, Nilda  4/30/2010  Unit Servant 
Castillo, Jass    Member 
Castillo, Ace    Member 
Cortez, Daisy    Member 
Cortez, Rolly    Member 
Crame, Ellen    Member 
Crame, Jun    Member 
De Leon, Ferdie    Household Servant 
Donato, Romer    Member 
Donato, Heidi    Member 
Leong, Rodelo    Member 
Marcelino, Mark    Household Servant 
Marcelino, Luz    Household Servant 
Marte, Sol    Member 
Marte, Edward    Member 
Mejia, Dines    Member 
Mejia, Kleng    Member 
Ramos, Mari    Member 
Ramos, Emman    Member 
Regala, Aimee    Household Servant 
Regala, Mark    Household Servant 
Rodriguez, Cathy    Member 
Rodriguez, Omar    Member 
Samarita, Leo    Member 
Samarita, Anne    Member 
Santos, Lourdes    Household Servant 
Santos, Bong    Household Servant 
Sarabia, Dey    Member 
Sarabia, Lou    Member 
Varquez, Darwin    Member 
Varquez, Cheryll    Member 
Villamor, Rommel    Member 
Villamor, Pia    Member 
There are 47 members in this list.

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